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Why I started Jwicks Candle Co

There is a unique feeling one gets when buring a candle, for lack of better words it brings us peace and relaxation no matter how crazy the world around us is.

Like many people, I love candles but maybe too much! It was taking a serious toll on my budget keeping nice candles buring around the clock. The solution was simple, start making my own candles.

The only problem, once I got started I was hooked. Something about making candles just appeases the soul, once you've made one you blink your eyes and you've made ten. It's not long before you've ordered equipment and purchased web domains.

I started Jwicks to both appease my love of making candles and my love of business and entreapenourship. Learning about production, branding, marketing and shipping has been an exciting adventure and I can't wait to share my products with anyone who shares my love for candles and local businesses.

I invite you to try a Jwicks candle and let it bring the same warmth to your home that it brings to mine, use the coupon code JWICKS20 to get 20% off your first order!



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